Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Batman: The Killing Joke Review

Full disclosure, i ain't never read the Killing Joke and i don't plan to but if i did i know for sure I'd enjoy it more than this adaptation. To call this movie disappointing would be a big understatement. It's not even that its that bad but there are choices made here that hurt the movie greatly and coupled with the animation issues we have a lot to discuss here, let's get into it.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Architecture in Anime: It's use as a visual storytelling device among other things

Architecture is something I've been passionate about for a very long time. Since i was a wee lad in my southern African nation of origin (not South Africa) reading about what cool buildings were being constructed around the world in glossy magazines in fact. It's the art form that has the most impact on even the most casual observer as we interact with architecture every waking moment of our lives. Architecture for me is the design of buildings, structures, objects or spaces for a specific purpose. Be it simply for shelter, for a client, for oneself or for the art of it, you are very calculated in the way you approach designing something like this as you think about every single variable and try to account for as many different types of uses as possible. Most architects like their work to be flexible so it can be used for more than even the specific use they had in mind as you never know what the future holds for any building.

As much of an animation fanatic as i am, architecture is the art i chose to study in the end. There's several reasons why that's the case but to put it simply, I just love architecture. I've recently become more interested in analysing architectural essays by many great architects but never really read much discussion about architecture and its uses in other mediums of expression. Specifically in storytelling mediums such as film and animation. You tend to find more writing of that nature from individuals who are in those fields than from architects themselves. So here's a little analysis of architectures use in the medium of animation from someone that's kinda passionate about both.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Top 10 Favourite Cuts (Animated Sequences) of 2015

Well that certainly was quite a year for anime. Continuing on from how good 2014 was, 2015 was yet another good year with lots of shows to enjoy. Plenty got ridiculously popular. Yutaka Nakamura had a particularly noteworthy year producing some of the best work of his career and that's saying something since his work is always exceptional. On the movie front we got a meh Psycho Pass movie that at least was a decent action movie rather that total shit like season 2. Miss Hokusai came out, Studio Wit didn't completely screw up with Seraph of the End. Ufotable shit the bed on God Eater and i laughed for days. A lot went on this year but overall for me this year i probably watched a lot less anime than i did last year. Mostly down to personal preference as there were less shows i could really get into but the ones that were there for me entertained me to no end. My favourite anime of the year is a four way tie between Shirobako, Seven Deadly Sins, One-Punch Man and Ushio and Tora. Ushio and Tora specifically started a bit slow but i've grown to really love it despite the fact it hasn't been giving me much sakuga to sustain me. The good scenes we have gotten were by Yoshihiro Kanno and Kanno is whats keeping that show afloat with his episodes as animation supervisor being the best by far. Now like last year, the 3 simple rules i set for myself are as follows:
  • I have to have watched the show (no just seeing a cool clip on sakugabooru, i have to have watched a good amount of the thing).
  • The show must have aired this year (only episodes of a continuing show that aired this year count).
  • One sequence per show.
Warning before we continue as usual, there will be spoilers for many shows including but not limited to Seven Deadly Sins, One-Punch Man, Shirobako and more. Now without further adieu.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Fairy Tail Animation Analysis Part 2: The adventures of Toshiharu Murata and Sachiko Ohashi

The last time i wrote about the animation in Fairy Tail was around the start of the current series and in that i mostly shat on it for being ridiculously inconsistent (even more so than the first series). As I'm writing this post I'm in a much less irritable mood. I'm back on the Fairy Tail bandwagon after a while of just being sick of Mashima stalling for time with boring arcs. At the start of the Tartaros arc is where the series really hits its stride and gets back to what i loved about the earlier arcs and as i'm enjoying the new episodes i've had some time to look back at the old show and do a bit more research into the people that made that show look good when it did. I already made a sakuga MAD of the old show but as it pertains to this post the most appropriate video accompaniment would be this.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Vixen (Miniseries) Review

As a fan of Warner Bros Animation's DC Comics related output you can probably imagine how excited i was when they announced that they'd be producing a series focusing on one of the more memorable characters from their much praised series Justice League Unlimited. Having never read up much on her origins i figured this would be an educational watch in that regard. With some of the writing staff from The CW's cape shows on board and it being announced that it would officially be set in that same universe, me watching this show was pretty much a foregone conclusion. I did have misgivings however, such as the fact that it would only be six episodes at around 5 minutes each. As a test run i concluded it was better than nothing so i waited eagerly for it to premiere. Now that its concluded its run i thought i'd share my thoughts on the series.