Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hunter X Hunter (2011) Animation Analysis

So after quite some time we're gonna take another look at the quality of the animation in the current Hunter X Hunter series. So since last time we've reached at the time of my writing of this post, episode 125. So yeah, Madhouse is a ridiculously consistent studio even when working on a long running series. I mean good lord, they have 2 animation directors who produce excellent animation consistently, 1 other who gives us generally good animation, 1 who gives us great art despite stiff animation and the rest who give us average animation with generally no off model shots. For this post I'll go through the work of the main 4 AD's (Animation Directors) and finish off with a summation of my view overall on the animation and show in general. So lets start off with a video by fellow sakugang member AnimeBlue.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Quick Review: The Lego Movie


So this movie was beyond entertaining when i saw it last week. The story took unexpected turns, the characters were all charming and the animation was incredible at parts. After having seen Frozen i was sure there wouldn't be another animated movie in a while that i enjoyed as much but nope. Phil Lord & Chris Miller weren't having any of that. I dare say the movie wouldn't have worked quite as well without their involvement. At this point they have proven more times than needed that they are some of the most talented directors working in feature animation after launching the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and this movie. 

Monday, 9 December 2013

Top 10 Favourite Cuts (Animated Sequences) of 2013

This is the start of a new yearly tradition here guys. Every year from now on i'll be listing my top 10 favourite sequences of 2d animation mostly from anime and western cartoons. The list will be only sequences from shows i've watched so since i have yet to see Wakfu, sadly thats not in the running. Rules for this generally are:

  • I have to have watched the show.
  • The show must have aired this year (only episodes of a continuing show that aired this year also).
  • One sequence per show.

Also there will be spoilers for shows that aired this year including Psycho Pass, Hunter X Hunter and a bit of Naruto. And that is it. From there lets move onto the first one that you can see below:

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Masahiro Sato, Studio Pierrot and The Legend of Korra

Its been a while huh, well university can be quite taxing so a dudes gotta prioritize work over anything else (he says as he sips tea while watching anime instead of actual work). Nevertheless lets get on with todays subject. So like a lot of people i was somewhat surprised at Studio Pierrot being assigned to work on Book 2 of Korra when Lesean Thomas first tweeted about it. It was more of an optimistic surprise than anything. If any studio should be chosen, they would be more than qualified with their vast experience in the action fantasy genre with Naruto, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho just to name a few. As the week went on as we waited for the new episodes every single trailer was fantastic and every piece of footage shows was gorgeous. We saw epic bending battles, glimpse of the past and an inkling of an idea of what this season would involve. Now 6 episodes in that enthusiasm had largely dissipated for a lot of people until we saw the Avatar Wan special. The special was some fine television and one can't help but want more of that style of avatar story than what we've had up to this point. But what was it about episodes 1-6 of book 2 that we found so weird. The feel of these episodes is very different form the Wan Special and even all of book 1 in general. I'll be getting into specifics as to what i though of the change in studio below but for now enjoy this video.

For whatever reason my own video will not allow itself to be embedded here so heres another mad to view. The link for my video is below the one you can actually watch from here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Modern Korean Animation Studios

Well, while i initially was into the idea of reviewing the animation of each individual segment of the animated Dante's Inferno movie i decided it would make more sense to just do a big post about what i was really wanting to get into which was my thoughts on the current state of the korean animation industry and the studios from there that have really impressed me in recent years. Now i know that a lot of the stuff that we see coming from korea tends to be the animation they produce for other territories which mainly include america, japan and europe but most of those productions don't really tend to look very interesting artistically speaking and examples would be shows like Fairly Odd Parents and Regular show. These kinds of shows i like but they don't really aspire to a greater level of detail and artistry and they don't really need to. I like the styles these shows have but they aren't trying to compete on a global scale as examples of amazing achievement in animation because they rely on strong writing and characters than flashy animation.