Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Hunter X Hunter (2011) Animation Analysis

So after quite some time we're gonna take another look at the quality of the animation in the current Hunter X Hunter series. So since last time we've reached at the time of my writing of this post, episode 125. So yeah, Madhouse is a ridiculously consistent studio even when working on a long running series. I mean good lord, they have 2 animation directors who produce excellent animation consistently, 1 other who gives us generally good animation, 1 who gives us great art despite stiff animation and the rest who give us average animation with generally no off model shots. For this post I'll go through the work of the main 4 AD's (Animation Directors) and finish off with a summation of my view overall on the animation and show in general. So lets start off with a video by fellow sakugang member AnimeBlue.