Monday, 7 July 2014

Psyren: Fan Animation Project

So as a longtime fan of the Shonen Jump manga Psyren, I was always upset that it never got an anime despite being one of Jumps better series of recent memory. Its been quite a while since it ended and i have been re-reading the series as Viz Media have been putting the volumes out and i now own 8 of the 16 released volumes. Its one of those series that i haven't forgotten because it was just such a fun read and it was just well executed and hit all the right notes for me. In my infinite wisdom i asked myself "Hey, i'm trying to teach myself how to animate shit. Why don't i animate an opening for the series using my current skillset. How hard can it be right?" Well obviously its a lot harder and longer a process in practice than it is in theory but its getting there. Storyboarding as the sequences come to mind isn't exactly the best way to work but it helps to note down what sequences then figure out how to chain them together in the best way as to make it enjoyable. When i first started this was the first thing i though all anime openings should include. Headshots of the main characters with flowing hair.